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In 2022, the Missouri legislature passed the Get the Lead out of School Drinking Water Act (RSMo 160.077), which sets standards for lead concentrations in school drinking water. The law requires schools to conduct inventory, sampling, remediation, and monitoring at all potable drinking water outlets used or potentially be used for drinking, food preparation, and cooking or cleaning utensils. The deadline under the law is August 1, 2024  .As required by Missouri State Law (RSMo 160.077), all water outlets in the District that provide water for drinking, cooking, or washing dishes were tested for the presence of lead.

Missouri statute and federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements differ slightly.  Water outlets testing in excess of 5 parts per billion (ppb) of lead must be remediated by the district by Missouri statute.  The EPA requirement is not as strict, with remediation required when testing indicates results higher than 15 ppb.  Obviously, we will follow Missouri state requirements, and, in fact, we will be taking steps to remediate any lines that tested above 1 ppb. Remediation may include adding filters, replacing water lines or portions of lines, replacing faucets or outlets, shutting down that water source, or marking the outlet as designated for handwashing only.  The EPA has deemed hand washing safe with water with elevated lead levels.

We do have one building, the Elementary School, with results above 5 ppb in multiple areas of the building.  However, the hallway drinking fountains were all below the 5 ppb level.  The elementary school drinking water was previously tested by the Platte Water Supply District #2 in 2019 and 2022.  In 2022 the results indicated a less than 1 ppb amount for lead, which is the best rating these tests give as they will not say zero.  Less than 1 ppb is the best possible rating. In 2019 the test indicated 1.76 ppb for the drinking water, which, again, is well below the 5 ppb level that would require remediation.  The new state statute that went into effect for 2024 now requires schools to test all water sources in a building, while we believe the 2019 and 2022 tests focused on sources of drinking water in the building. 

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Linked below is an informational page with multiple resources from the Department of Health and Senior Services regarding the effects of lead in drinking water:


Student Athletes must have a current physical form turned into the office before the 1st day of practice.  Physicals are now valid for 2 years, but the Pre-Participation form must be completed annually.  You can download them both here:

Physical Evaluation Form

Pre-Participation Form

If you have any questions about this process or requirements please contact Ryan Davis, Athletic Director, at 816-450-3511 option 3.


All students must present documentation of month, day, and year of each immunization before they attend school. All immunizations must be up-to-date before students are permitted to attend class.

Immunization Requirements for 2022-23

Junior High kids must have a Tdap booster and a meningococcal vaccine prior entering 8th grade.

Seniors are required to have a meningococcal booster prior to entering 12th grade. Booster must be given after age 16.