Policies and Procedures

North Platte R-1 currently uses EdCounsel LLC to assist in writing/revising district policies and procedures.

North Platte R-I School District Policies

District Policies July 2020 update.pdf

Policy C-100-P Official District Name.pdf

Policy C-105-P District Rules and Guides.pdf

Policy C-110-P District Mission and Planning.pdf

Policy C-115-P Community Engagement and Communications.pdf

Policy C-120-P Concerns or Complaints.pdf

Policy C-125-P Concerns or Complaints Regarding Federal Programs.pdf

Policy C-130-P Equal Opportunity and Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harrassment, and Retaliation.pdf

Policy C-135-P Board Meetings Generally.pdf

Policy C-140-P Public Comment to the Board.pdf

Policy C-145-P District Information and Records.pdf

Policy C-150-P Prohibition of Tobacco and Imitation Tobacco Products.pdf

Policy C-155-P Visitors to District Property and Events.pdf

Policy C-160-P Community Use of District Facilities.pdf

Policy C-165-P Use of Recording Devices or Drones.pdf

Policy E-100-P Employee Manual.pdf

Policy E-105-P Hiring of Employees.pdf

Policy E-110-P Compliance with FLSA.pdf

Policy E-115-P Employee Leave.pdf

Policy E-120-P Employee Benefits.pdf

Policy E-125-P Employee Health and Safety.pdf

Policy E-130-P Drug-Free Workplace.pdf

Policy E-135-P Professional Development for Employees.pdf

Policy E-140-P Evaluation of Employees.pdf

Policy E-145-P Teacher Tenure.pdf

Policy E-160-P Termination of Employees.pdf

Policy E-165-P Reduction in Force.pdf

Policy E-170-P Administrative Leave.pdf

Policy E-175-P Employee Conflict of Interest.pdf

Policy E-195-P Employment References.pdf

Policy E-200-P Mandatory Reporting Training.pdf

Policy F-100-P Accounting and Reporting.pdf

Policy F-105-P Audits.pdf

Policy F-110-P Audit Committee.pdf

Policy F-115-P Budget.pdf

Policy F-120-P Fiscal Year.pdf

Policy F-125-P Bonded Employees and Officers.pdf

Policy F-130-P Taxing and Borrowing.pdf

Policy F-135-P Investment of District Funds.pdf

Policy F-140-P Purchasing.pdf

Policy F-145-P Procurement for Federal Programs and Projects.pdf

Policy F-150-P Depositories of Funds.pdf

Policy F-160-P Fraud Prevention.pdf

Policy F-165-P Inventory Management.pdf

Policy F-170-P Surplus District Property.pdf

Policy F-190-P Grants.pdf

Policy F-195-P Salary Deductions.pdf

Policy F-200-P Political Campaign Contributions.pdf

Policy F-215-P Asbestos.pdf

Policy F-230-P Emergency Preparedness Plan.pdf

Policy F-235-P Firearms and Weapons.pdf

Policy F-245-P Communicable Diseases.pdf

Policy F-250-P Animals on District Property.pdf

Policy F-260-P Transportation Services.pdf

Policy F-265-P Technology.pdf

Policy F-270-P Data Governance and Security.pdf

Policy F-280-P Board Member Liability and Property Insurance.pdf

Policy F-285-P Food Service Program.pdf

Policy F-290-P District Wellness Plan.pdf

Policy G-100-P School Board's Roles and Responsibilities.pdf

Policy G-105-P The Role of an Individual Board Member.pdf

Policy G-110-P School Superintendent.pdf

Policy G-115-P Building Leaders and Directors.pdf

Policy G-120-P Board President Duties.pdf

Policy G-130-P Appointed Board Officials (Seven Director).pdf

Policy G-135-P Board Secretary Duties.pdf

Policy G-145-P School Attorneys.pdf

Policy G-150-P Officals Authorized to Sign for the District or Board.pdf

Policy G-155-P Board Meetings.pdf

Policy G-215-P Superintendent Evaluation and Compensation.pdf

Policy G-225-P Board Training and Development.pdf

Policy G-230-P Ballot Issues.pdf

Policy G-235-P Board Member Elections.pdf

Policy G-250-P Board Member Qualifications.pdf

Policy G-255-P Board Member Oath of Office.pdf

Policy G-260-P Board Member Ethics.pdf

Policy G-265-P Prohibition of Nepotism.pdf

Policy G-270-P Board Member Financial Conflict of Interest.pdf

Policy G-275-P Board Member Personal Financial Disclosures.pdf