Weather Days


School cancellations will be sent out through our School Messenger system, Local news stations, District website and District App notifications.  These decisions will be made based on current and/or expected road conditions and with the consultation of Cassity Bus Company.  With a large district area, there may be times that conditions are bad or deteriorating in one portion of our district that may deem it unsafe to travel.

Early Dismissals

The weather can change rapidly and the safety of our students and staff are our top priority.  Therefore, an early dismissal can be announced at any time during the day as the weather dictates.  We will try to give at least one hour notice before the dismissal time.

*All schools will be released at the same time.

*Lunch may not be served on that day, depending on dismissal time.  We will make our best effort to serve lunch early if at all possible, but again weather conditions may not allow enough time to prepare and serve a meal.

*If you would like to pickup your child or change their drop off locations, please contact the office as soon as possible.

2-Hour Late Starts

*All school starting times would be exactly two hours late.  School dismissal times would be unchanged.

*All bus routes would run on the same time frame except for it would occur two hours later.

*The buildings will be open at their normal time if you need to drop off your student in the morning.  They will be supervised by staff members. If you are dropping off at the Dearborn campus, please drop off at the high school commons.  Students dropped off at the elementary and intermediate schools may be dropped off at the front doors.

*We will serve breakfast on those days.

*If your student will need to be picked up at a different location on those days, then please contact the appropriate building about that now, if possible, so it will be able to be handled should a late start day arise.  You can contact by phone at 450-3511 or the elementary at [email protected], the intermediate at [email protected], and the junior high/high school at [email protected].